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About Us

Our Focus

Our focus is upon low risk mature, producing oil & gas fields in complex carbonate reservoirs, expanding into bypassed or new unconventional liquids rich shale and coalbed methane plays.

Our Technological Edge

The management team is recognized in front page industry journals for technical innovation leading to multi-TCF and multi-hundred million barrel new trend discoveries. Thrust Energy has been engaged in proprietary R&D with both New Mexico National Laboratories, Sandia and Los Alamos, through funded programs to develop imaging methods for bypassed oil in mature fields, using full waveform (9C) and conventional 3D seismic, integrated with well control and geostatistics to overcome limited resolution, a universal barrier, of highly economic bypassed porosity in complex carbonate reservoirs, producing reefs. Our target volumes of bypassed oil in specific, targeted complex U. S. reservoirs is 5 billion barrels, 5 times the U. S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve. The management team holds patented seismic technology for Directed Beam Seismic©, as a universal improvement to seismic imaging in field application.

Management also develops and maintains collaborative relationships with a broad spectrum of industry scientists, engineers, universities, R&D centers and state-of-the-art oil & gas industry contractors for applications focused upon our exploration and development targets such as our liquids rich shale projects.