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Our Projects

Liquids Rich Shale Project

We are developing and leasing within a 458,000 acre liquids rich shale project in a region that has produced 48 degrees API crude with available pipeline and refining capacity. We are inviting a groundfloor drilling working interest participant for this project currently.

Liquids Rich Producing Analog Project

Our producing analog study area for the first project is vertically drilled, conventionally completed, with no modern stimulation. This producing analog area is a low risk focus area to bring to bear state-of-the-art horizontal drilling and completion methods in old fields for new, significant reserves.

5 Billion Barrels Bypassed Oil

Bypassed oil is a proven volume existing in a producing field, not in communication with the existing wellbores. Bypassed oil is the lowest risk development opportunity in industry. The University of Texas Bureau of Economic Geology, Circular 84-2, documents 5.0 billion barrels of moveable bypassed oil in the producing reservoirs targeted by Thrust Energy. 5.0 billion barrels is five times the size of the U. S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

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